Noctis bedside table

Lovers of nature and relaxation, we have created the Noctis Nightstand for you, an essential for your quiet spaces! Ready to discover the magic that this piece of natural wood has to offer? Let us tell you all about her!


  • Two spacious shelves provide convenience and room for your most precious items.
  • Cylindrical wooden rods that join the shelves, giving it a touch of elegance and simplicity.

Approximate measurements:

  • Width: 47 cm.
  • Depth: 30 cm.
  • Height: 69 cm.


  • Nightstand: Your companion for dreams and good wishes, always at hand to store your favorite books and reading lamps.
  • Side table: Ideal to accompany you in your moments of relaxation, holding your cup of tea or that appetizing healthy snack.

Versatility that inspires calm and well-being in every space of your home!

Where to put it?

  • Bedroom: The Noctis Nightstand is the perfect complement to create a serene and welcoming environment in your rest sanctuary.
  • Living room: Take it to your living room to have your favorite magazines at hand, that book you don't want to put down and a place to support that hot cup of tea that comforts so much.

At COMFUR, our passion is to connect with nature and bring relaxation and comfort to your daily life. With the Noctis Nightstand, we create a unique piece that reflects our philosophy and values. Nature is found in every wood grain, while the design offers you the calm and tranquility that you are looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Let yourself be carried away by the magic of nature and well-being with the Noctis Nightstand. Your haven of calm is waiting for you!

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